Hofmann Megaplan

Hofmann megaplan

A rich and proud history routing back to 1931

megamount 15FS

Semi-automatic tyre changer with locking capacity up to 24", double speed via pedals. Left side presser arm HPX-S.
megamount 15FS megamount 15FS
  • 22-inch plate
  • Working range of the bead breaker shovel = 13"
  • Tyre changer with swing arm, vertical working arm with lever lock, side positioning of the tool with respect to the rim by means of a knob and vertical working arm with spring return
  • Fastening of the horizontal arm on the post has been designed to allow operating (with the appropriate accessories) on wheels with 3,6- to 22-inch rims (typical of motorcycles, karts, ATV wheels and hobby and gardening machines)
  • Pedals are positioned in a row (including rotary control); pedal unit can be detached for servicing work
  • Double speed: 7/14 rpm
  • Simple manual tyre inflator
  • Equipped with HPX-S left side bead pressing device. 
External clamping range  10"–22"
Inside clamping range 12"–24"
Max. wheel diameter 1000 mm/39,5"
Max. wheel width 330 mm/13"
Working range 10"–24" 
Motor  0.8/1.1 kW – 3 Ph – 400 V – 50-60 Hz
Max. torque 1200 Nm
Speed of rotation 7–14 rpm
Bead breaker max. opening 330mm/13"
Force on bead breaker blade (10 bar) 29420 N
Operating pressure (recommended)  10 bar
Net weight 230 kg


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