Hofmann Megaplan

Hofmann megaplan

A rich and proud history routing back to 1931

megaspin 250

Suitable for mobile service
megaspin 250 megaspin 250

The megaspin 250 is a universal wheel balancer that works on trucks, light trucks, cars and motorcycles. Suitable for mobile service with integrated lift, handspin and three possible voltages.

  • Manually operated spin system (no motor)
  • Triple power supply (220V/12V/24V)
  • Hand spindle replaces wheel lift
  • Reduced dimensions and weight.
  • Center of axle can be adjusted to pick up the tyre without lifting the tyre to the shaft
  • Low balancing speed(70rpm)
  • Easy intuitive menue for all special functions
  • Pincer for applying weights
  • 2 users possible
  • Program for automatic minimisation of static unbalance

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