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megaspin FT Lite

megaspin FT Lite megaspin FT Lite megaspin FT Lite megaspin FT Lite

Megaspin FT Lite is the new fully automatic balancing machine ideal for mobile service, but particularly suitable for workshops with space constraints, due to its extremely small size. Megaspin FT Lite is light, compact and flexible to balance wherever you need.


Fast Touch technology revolutionizes the wheel balancing experience through the innovative combination of a laser point and a line laser.
With the simple movement of the wheel, the lasers calculate distance and diameter of the rim, while the Virtual Sonar measures its width, enabling the rapidand precise detection of all parameters necessary to accurately identify wheel unbalance. Subsequently, the laser pointer also indicates the exact position for theapplication of adhesive counterweights inside the rim.

FAST: Once the dimensions of the wheel are detected, a simple press of a button speeds up the transmission of data to the software, which stores them before initiating the imbalance measurement.

ERGONOMIC: In the absence of the traditional gauge, the operator is no longer forced to assume uncomfortable positions to acquire dimensions inside the rim, overall improving work comfort, performance, and efficiency. Since it no longer uses the automatic gauge, eliminates the need for periodic maintenance typical of mechanical devices, traditionally more subject to wear, all to the advantage of greater durability.

EASY: The unique fast touch technology, with the aid of a laser point and a line laser, allows both to acquire the wheel dimensions with extraordinary simplicity and precision, and to indicate the correct position for correcting the unbalance. In addition, thanks to the simple and intuitive user interface, the use of megaspin FT is suitable for anyone.

  • Laser pointer for stick-on weights
  • OWB - suggests a single ideal correction plane instead of two
  • Electric brake and Automatic Approach to the correction position.
  • Digital display
  • Virtual Sonar

In addition to its basic version, megaspin FT Lite offers also an optional configuration with an extremely compact baseplate, allowing for easy installation in workshops with limited space or in vans. The baseplate has very small dimensions; compared to a standard balancing machine, it is 3 times more compact and up to 4 times lighter.


fast touch virtual sonar owb_icon_hm.png automatic approach


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