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On Car D 1

Wheel Balancers:

megaspin On Car Balancer
Digital balancer

  •  2 Speed system to spin any kind of vehicle at the most suitable  
    Speed: High speed for cars and low speed for trucks and buses
  •  Automatic sequence for all operations: mark the wheel with
    reflecting tape, spin the wheel, add the calibration weight on  
    the reference position, spin the wheel again, read the unbalance  
    value, remove the calibration weights, and apply the weights  
    shown on the panel
  •  Microprocessor based program with infrared photocell,  
    adjustable in the height: perfect balancing of even the most critical wheels in 2 spins only
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200 2 Thumb

megaspin 200-3

Megaspin 200 2V Mittel

megaspin 200-2V


megaspin 420

M820 Thumb

megaspin 820


megaspin 1200P


megaspin 3000P


megaspin On Car Balancer